Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New theme for Urban Forest

This must be the 4th time that I changed my blogger template. I can’t remember how long the former one had stayed till I removed it an hour ago (below). It must have been several years! While I am excited to have a nice new layout, I am also starting to miss my former one already .


I have stayed in Blogspot faithfully despite the emergence of the newer and more popular Wordpress because of the limitations of the latter. While it is aesthetically superior with more templates, one will have to foot a sum to customise the html. Advertisements also appear after my posts when I am viewing the Total Vascular Flora Blog – another blog which I am contributing to – on my IPad.

In comparison, Blogspot has always allowed users who are more tech-savvy to play with its html. Unfortunately, with my fragmented knowledge, my former layout was probably the most that I could have managed.

With the new Blogspot design, it allows more customisation of the theme by using WYSIWYG. That being said, it cannot tweak every single item in the theme, and that is where some little bit of html editing will make a big difference. And with that, I have been working hard last night to get my new layout ready for today.


I set the width of the posting much longer to allow larger photos to be uploaded. Hopefully this will appeal to people more since ‘’a picture says a thousand words'”! If you think the picture above of the Yellow Flame flowers looks familiar; it is, because that is used for my new blog banner. :)

So, please look forward to more nature postings as I strive to deliver them in higher quality. Also anticipate better resources from here as I will expand my navigation bar pages to include more things.

Thanks for the support!


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!

Siyang said...
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