Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birding @ Bishan Park

This is my first trip to the newly revamped Bishan Park. It came along with a new name too (the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park), though I doubt common folks like me will stick with its old and established one.


The main attraction is the deconcretisation (is there such a word?) of the canal that used to run through the park. It was converted to a natural low-lying river that meanders through rocks and long grasses.


Because the river is so accessible to people, you can often see them stalking by the water with nets to catch fishes. Others tried to feed the fishes in the water with bread, which quickly gobbled the clumps like little piranhas.


You can see lots of Scaly-breasted Munias foraging among the grasses. Mowing of the area is probably done less frequently as you can see the fruiting love grasses which, if I’m not wrong, is one of the food sources of the munias.


Here is a flock of the munias soaring into the air.


Some other birds which I saw includes two species of woodpeckers, which I found from the sound of them knocking on the trees. This one above is a female Sunda Pygmy Woodpecker.


And here is a female Common Flameback taking off from its perch.


A little Asian Brown Flycatcher.


And a pair of Koels, a female,


and a male.


Lastly, just before I left, I saw a White-collared Kingfisher flying to a branch. It was carrying something elongated in its mouth and started knocking it left and right on the branch before passing to its mate on the right which did the same motion. It then handed it back again and the original kingfisher gobbled it up.

A pretty nice short trip to Bishan Park, though I am not satisfied with my photographs which were taken using my new tele-zoom lens. Hopefully it will fare better the next time.

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