Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rainy Mandai

A, L, H, and I went for a walk along the now defunct railway adjacent Mandai mangroves.


Yummy ripe rambutan fruits.


Another new butterfly for me, Blue Glassy Tiger, which was very much abundant here.


My first time seeing the berries of this common native climber Paedaria foetida.


We found this two caterpillars possibly belonging to the Lime Butterfly (update: the caterpillars turned out to be of the Common Mormon) on the only mangrove plant belong to the Citrus family, Merope angulata. The plant looked very frail with few leaves though. It is nationally threatened with the status of critically endangered.


Many little mangrove propagules have established themselves.


A group of waders on the mudflat overlooking Johor Bahru.


L pointed out to this grisly hand from a tree. Creepy…


The ever resourceful Javan Mynas even don’t mind foraging in the mangroves!


Baby mangrove horseshoe crabs!


L pointed out these group of egrets when we on the Kranji MRT platform. Despite the heavy rain as shown, they still huddled on the canopy of the rain tree and endured the downpour. Beats me why though~

Think they might change their mind if its raining apples instead :p

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