Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Punggol Butterflies

Had a day off from army today (3 weeks of reservist!) so I grabbed my camera and took a bus to this narrow stretch of Ixora shrub where I saw a number of butterflies in Punggol previously and spent about half an hour photographing these beauties.


After prowling through Khew’s recent book on our Singapore butterflies, I guess that this is a Lesser Grass Blue. Quite a lot of them were darting from flower to flower and is the most common here.


Common Tit. I was quite fascinated with the fake ‘tails’ as they can move actively. A pretty butterfly though it is supposed to be very common too.


Something new for me; a Centuar Oakblue. A pity that its wings were torn but its green eyes is enough to wow me.


This is the Ciliate Blue, with its blue-purple dorsal wing colour.


And a side profile of the same butterfly.


Probably a Tailless Line Blue.

Hopefully this is a start of learning many more butterflies! Thanks to CMS for his help in confirming some butterfly species.

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