Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some urban wildlife

While urban areas, when compared with natural ones are almost devoid of wildlife, one just need to be observant enough to spot little critters that managed to adapt to living in this unique habitat. For many people in Singapore, these animals might just be the only ones which they know off considering how little our natural habitats are left. Hopefully they are not even oblivious to these!

A Pink Neck Green Pigeon feeding on the fruits of MacArthur’s Palm (Ptychosperma macarthurii). This exotic palm can apparently survive in shaded areas and thus it is very common to see them in degraded secondary forests, spread by birds like this.

If not for who A told me about the ‘eyes’ of the Turn in the Wind plant, Mallotus paniculatus, I would not have noticed them. Apparently, it can secrete some juicy stuff which attract these ants to drink.

Domestic cats are always common sight. Though they wonder around freely in the neighbourhood, many of them are taken care of by kind souls who feed them everyday. This feline above was especially adorable. It just sat comfortably on my bag when I put it down to take some pictures of a plant.

A pool of water accumulated at a concrete path provided a nice bath for these Rock Pigeons.

I was rather surprised to find a group of Scaly Breasted Munias right in the middle of the oldest estate in Singapore. These birds were poking at the flowers of the Coat Buttons (Tridax procumbens). No idea why though.

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