Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another pleasant trip to MacRitchie

Here I am, back again in MacRitchie Reservoir Park. This time, with the company of KY, PY and her bf, I managed to take much more pictures of interesting wildlife.

Here is a little caterpillar on the stipule of the smelly bean, Parkia speciosa.

Shiny fruits from this common climber, Gynochthodes sublanceolata.

Flowers of Clerodendrum lavifolium.

Opposite the bank, a giant rattan (Plectocomia elongata) bearing majestic fruits (or flowers?).


Also, we can see the fruits of the smelly beans tree (Parkia speciosa), with several long-tailed macaques feeding on them.

It is always pleasant to see flowers and fruits. This unknown Rubiaceae plant has small clustering flowers.

And carries lots of berries, blackening when ripened. Update: Urophyllum hirsutum.

With the help of KY, I can finally identify Prunus polystachya. This genus have a characteristic butt-like glands at the petiole.


A shrub with attractive flowers. Can’t wait to know its ID. Update: Chassalia curviflora


Probably the surprising find of the day. With the help of SD, this is a pig-tailed macaque (Macaca nemestrina). There are only two extant species of native monkeys in Singapore, the long-tailed macaque and the banded leaf monkey, so I guess this is probably an escapee.


Another unknown plant that is fruiting~

Please help if you know the identity! Thanks to WF for the ID.


Federick Ho said...

You guys are very good at identifying plants - I learnt a lot from many of your posts.
Hope to join your group one day to explore our forest.

SY said...

Hmm, actually thats just the few we know out of the many. Haha~

levia said...

Looks like you got a lycaenid caterpillar on Petai :)

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