Saturday, September 4, 2010

Walk in Sengkang forest

There are lots of forest fragments in Singapore and it is always interesting to bash in to see what is inside. Today, me, together with PY, H, WQ, G and J went into such a forest which used to be a plantation, evident from the lots of Durian, Rambutan, Starfruits and Rambi inside.

I reached earlier than the rest so had a head start to scout the area. Managed to grab a shot of two woodpeckers on a sea almond.


Finally got a chance to get a photo of the flower of this bitter-gourd, Momordica charantia.

Another morning glory which I am not sure of the ID.


My itching mouth finally can’t stand it and I decided to taste this jelly-like fruits of this exotic plant, Pipturus argenteus. No taste at all…

It is pretty amazing to see that someone actually maintains the trail! Look all the leaf litter neatly gathered.


Whats this? Some Costus or ginger? Update: Costus lucanusianus

A slug which WQ found.


This figging Malayan Banyan, Ficus microcarpa attracted lots of hungry birds.


Here are the figs.

A plant growing everywhere here which I have no idea what it is again. Help?


Took me awhile to figure out what this climber is. But now, it suddenly occurred to me that it should be Gynochthodes sublanceolata.


Taking a break.

Am surprised to see this Hoya sp. here. Probably verticillata?


There was a patch filled with the climber Gymnopetalum sp. Was again itching to taste the fruit but decided not after opening it. The fleshy parts covering the seeds looks like bird shit man… =.=”

And so, end of another fun trip. But should plan trips that I can see more new plants though. Will have to be 3 weeks later… high key army from next week onwards… Sian-ness!

Thanks WF for the ID.


Fellow said...


How do you 'bash' in? As in any specific entry point for this forest? Thanks!

SY said...

Yup, many clear trails leading in.

Joy said...

Hi SY, looks like an interesting spot. May I know where this is exactly? Cheers, Joy.

SY said...

After exiting Thanggam LRT, turn left and you will reach the forest~

Joy said...

Thanks SY :)

Pat said...

The morning-glory with heart-shaped leaves & purplish flowers is Ipomoea tricolor (Grannyvine)-- a tropical New World resident that has spread pantropically. The seeds can be purchased from local nurseries.

Looks like there are several exotics in that abandoned forest fragment.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I went to the trail and walk deeper to find dead which overlooked TPE-SLE ( followed the trail and white cloths markers on scrubs) And been asked to leave by workers as they got some constructions going on as there's lots of hazards and manholes. Do be careful.

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