Sunday, June 20, 2010

Visit to Loyang Mangroves

I decided to take a walk to Loyang Mangroves today since my router was spoilt and I can’t do any work at home.

Getting off the bus, I was pleasantly surprised to see the row of neatly cultivated roadside tree, Sterculia parvifolia fruiting!

This is a critically endangered plant in the forests of Singapore. Update >> I could be wrong in the ID… But at least its still Sterculia sp.~ ;p

I remembered the last time I went to Loyang mangroves was a painful walk from the Pasir Ris mangroves. Taking a look at Google Earth, I decided to try out a new route by walking in the canal which leads directly to my destination.

Occasionally, I ran up the canal to take a look at the vegetation. This a common climber, Flagellaria indica. The thicken stem is used as an inferior substitute for rattan.

As I neared the mangroves, more coastal plants start to appear. I was happy to capture a shot of the furry flowers of the sea lime, Ximenia americana;

And the sickle fruits of the common climber Dalbergia candenatensis.
Soon I reached the small mangrove patch in Loyang. Nice scenery~

Here is a lone Nipah palm stand. Looks like I have missed out this location in my NiS paper.

I went to check out the sole surviving Pisang Pisang, Kandelia candel. Seems to be doing well, though only with a few leaves.

Because of the tide, I had taken a detour to avoid getting wet. On my return trip, I notice this floating bridge and decided to try it out.

I have my doubts that such a thin rope can pull me over. But I was wrong! It went across smoothly! Fun~

And back to the canal. This time, I notice this monitoring device in the water. I wonder what it is used to measure.

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