Sunday, March 21, 2010

Semakau Walk

Finally was back in Pulau Semakau after several months. Today I guided together with Iris, students from Nan Hua High School.

IMGP0013 copy

Here is my group, the seagrassers, with Iris at the back crossing the seagrass lagoon. They were unprepared in getting their feet wet but luckily, all were sporting enough to carry on to carry on with the intertidal walk.

IMGP0017 copy

And here we have Iris telling them more about hard corals. We saw many other animals like the giant clam, sea urchin, sea cucumbers, sea stars and a giant nudibranch more than a palm wide (Dendrodoris tuberculosa).

IMGP0019 copy

And at the southern most tip of Semakau, the three guys reluctantly posed for me. lol~

IMGP0020 copy

After a long day out from 4am from their school till noon, some just slept the entire way back to the mainland.

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