Monday, February 1, 2010

Punggol Rooftop Gardens

I went on a biking trip yesterday to cycle around the rooftop gardens in Punggol. If I am not wrong, most of the entire town is arranged in the concept of high rise residential flats surrounding a multi-storey carpark with a rooftop garden on top, which serves as a neighbourhood garden to the residents.

How do you go there? Just step in the lift and click the button which will lead you to a corridor linking directly to the carpark garden.

And wala! I love the spaciousness of this garden. Basically every edge can serve as a comfortable seat.

I went to the opposite block to take this picture. Seems like this is a good way to really compact the limited area which we have. In case you are curious, this is Block 101 Carpark.

This is another skyrise garden with a different theme. There is even a playground. This is Blk 196 carpark.

Is this considered a rooftop garden? A multi-storey carpark going underground with a garden on top.

When I was walking around the next raised garden, it really seems as if this is at ground level. There are even rooms exactly beside it, providing an awesome view. However those situated below it kinda suck because they should be shadowed by this structure. This if I did not remember wrongly is Blk 174 carpark.

Another short-coming is that many parts of this park have cracks popping out, which makes it kinda scary walking over it.

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