Tuesday, June 16, 2009

House Crow fell off its nest

This incident occured in 2006 when I first started this nature blog. For those who have been following it since then, you might recall that many of my amateurish but nostalgic posts (including this one) were gone because I accidentally deleted my entire blog that time. Thus I thought I will recap this incident again.

While walking to Punggol CC to study for my exams, I decided make a slight detour as I was trying to recite out the things which I had memorised previously. It so happened that I saw something black and moving at the bottom of a tree.


Curiousity overcame me and I went to investigate. To my surprise, it was a little juvenile house crow (Corvus splendens) that had fully fledged but doesn't seem to be able to fly yet. I got a little itchy fingers at that time and gently touched it which flinched away slightly. That was probably the first time I touched a live bird.

After a few minutes, a distinct crowing sound came overhead and I realised that there was another crow up on the tree. I assumed that was the agitated parent concerned for its little chick that probably fell off it's nest. Luckily I wasn't attacked by it as some unfortunate few experienced. Since that was a detour, I have never past that route again. Might be a blessing since these birds are now known to recognise faces of people which they have a dislike for.

Another crow soon joined in the racket and to my surprise, they seemed like they were fighting, clashing their bills etc. I wonder what is the reason why.

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