Saturday, October 11, 2008

SP forest walk

This morning, I decided to venture to a small forest patch near Singapore Polytechnic. Fiona kindly accompanied me for this trip.

Bougainvilla on Eucalyptus
I have always been fascinated with this row of bougainvilla plants (Bougainvilla sp.). More commonly known as shrubs, these plants can actually climb quite high, over 5 meters in this instance! The tree it was leaning on is the paper bark tree, Eucalyptus sp.

Beneath the tree is the introduced weed (Hemigraphis primulifolia) that has virtually invaded every grassland here since its introduction in 1980s. It seemed to fare especially well under shade.

The sandpaper vine (Tetracera indica), named due to their rough stem, has their dried fruit split opened, exposing the seeds inside.

The Simpoh Air (Dillenia suffruticosa) is said to have deep roots to tap on underground water sources, and people used them to mark locations for digging wells.

Wild cinnamon
The wild cinnamon (Cinnamomum iners) is a common roadside tree planted as noise screens as its foliage extend throughout its trunk.

The yellow mimosa (Neptunia sp.) were flowering so beautifully that I decided to use it as my new banner!

Unknown Moth Mating
Fiona spotted a pair of moths (Lamprosema tampiusalis) mating!

We spotted a fly (Order: Diptera) with an interesting pair of patterned wing.

Assasin bug
There were also a lot of assassin bugs around.

Traminda aventiaria
A beautiful geometrid moth (Triminda aventiaria) which seems to be quite common around this area.

The shiny long-legged fly (Family: Dolichopodidae) is a predatory insect that feeds on other small invertebrates.

There was a small river which was enclosed to form a pond and some stone steps allowed us to cross over to the opposite bank, where the trail finally ends and we had to head back.

There were definitely more animals we saw than what I had posted here. Unfortunately, I did not take that many pictures today, but it was a nice trip nevertheless :)

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