Monday, July 14, 2008

Coat Buttons

Coat buttons (Tridax procumbens) belong to the sunflower or daisy family (Asteraceae). Native in Central America, this plant was introduced as an ornanment but spread so quickly that it is now considered as a weed.

Day flying moth (Syntomis huebneri)

Many animals pollinate the flowers of the coat button. All the photos were taken at the same locality on the same day :). Above is a day flying moth (Syntomis huebneri). You can see the long proboscis of the moth reaching into the inflorescence (known as a capitulum).

Day flying moth (Syntomis huebneri)

And burying its head into it in order to reach the nectar!

Honey Bee on a Coat Button

Besides that, a honey bee was buzzing nearby doing the same action ^^


And many butterflies were hanging around the plant. No fear of pollination for this plant I guess.

Coat Buttons (Tridax procumbens)

As for the fruits? There are many long feathery hairs called pappus that helped it to drift in the wind, helping it to disperse efficiently. No wonder it can be found everywhere.

Even tiny things can be amazing if u take a closer look at them!

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Nick said...

Your close ups are absolutely stunning!

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