Monday, November 12, 2007

Sea Turtle @ Semakau

Just as we were finished with our dive @ Semakau and I was preparing to climb up the boat, Diana excitingly called out 'turtle'! Just in front of me, was a small turtle floating beside the boat.

Thats how small it look

All of us were very excited, since all sea turtles are threatened or endangered, so its not very common to see one. But it looked pretty much dead to us as it didnt move at all despite all the commotion. I was suggesting to bring back to RMBR but release it after seeing it move a little. Maybe its very tired or sick. Lets just hope it survive.

Tried googling to ID the picture. It pretty much look like a hawksbill turtle but later found out the green turtle also have a similar appearance. Shun Deng suggested it as a hawksbill as it has 2 claws on its fins (picture below) and its tapering upper hawk-like bill.

The hawksbill turtle is a critically endangered species. More about these beautiful creatures link.

And hatchings of hawksbill rescued last year link


ria said...

WOW! What an amazing encounter. Thank you for sharing that.

You really are seeing all the wonderful marine life on our shores. First dolphins and now sea turtles!

Siyang said...

Thnx Ria for ur ever encouraging comments :)

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