Saturday, August 4, 2007

Seagrassers @ Semakau

Finally, had the chance to went for a team seagrass monitoring @ Semakau after one whole month of absence from the intertidals in singapore. Pulau Semakau has a vast biodiversity even despite its status as a landfill. Had the great opportunity to pair up with Ria and learn on how to ID some seagrasses new to me; Halodule univervis and Thalassia hemprichii.

There were alot of epiphiytic growth like these ascidians as she pointed out.

After finishing up our transect at Site 1, did a quick look around the area.

A synaptic sea cucumber

Also saw many gelatinous clumps of bubble like things, which Ron suggested might be the mucus laid by fishes.

As me and girl headed back to where RMBR was conducting their walk, I saw this telescope shell creeping on the sand, leaving a long trail behind it.

Alas, by the time we reached to the "death trail" of the seagrass lagoon, I noticed that RMBR had already finished their walk. Sorry Luan Keng for not being able to hunter seek for u. =S

Time was running short and I bought girl to see whether we can find the Semakau mascot, the knoddly seastar. Ron and Kok Sheng, who were returning back from exploring, kindly helped me to locate them again. Thanx man!

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and also dun miss Ron's Tidechaser and how he made a 500m dash in the early morning. :) Paisei...

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