Sunday, July 8, 2007

A lazy Sunday afternoon

Was feeling pretty bored staying at home so thought of just do a short biking trip around the vicinity. Thought of going to recee the part where TPE intercepts Sungei Serangoon. Anyway, am on leave from army this weekend =)

Wasn't a good day to start, with dark clouds gathering nearby.

A drift net placed over a bridge...

Was riding along TPE when these 2 fellows caught my eye. Thanx to Shun deng, these are probably two male white-headed munia. They feed on grass seeds as seen above.

Hard to get a good picture with all those grass blades blocking. grr...

Gloomy skies... This bald tree has several birds roosting on it.

Yupz, they are pigeons.

Lastly, saw this bird hovering in the sky near me, probably battling with the strong wind. Did not had a clear view of it but it was pretty big, prob a raptor. Anyone can ID with just this picture? Alas, it flew off just as I took out my camera to get a decent picture.

Was forced to turn back before I found sungei serangoon as raindrops fall. Will be back the next occasion, which will prob be 2 weeks later. A short trip, but nevertheless, as long as I learn a new ID each trip, I be happy lao =)

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