Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ngee Ann River 2

Finally find time to revisit the small stretch of river opposite Ngee Ann Poly. I thought I came rather prepared with my insect repellent but instead it corrode my watch's and slippers' rubber...

But I shouldnt be so worried about mosquitoes here. Here is a dragonfly wonderland and their mosquito larvae will surely serve as good desert for the dragonfly's larvae which is also aquatic.

So many plants here but my knowledge is not good in this area, so I will just leave it for u all to admire the pictures :)

Hey, there are some edible fruits here too!

Small durian


The river is probably man-made, for drainage purposes. But it has lead to a diverse freshwater ecosystem for many animals.

A small eel (I think) burrowed halfway in a small stream leading towards the river. Tried to pick it out using my chopsticks but it slithered away quickly.

As I cross over the stream, a loud splash almost gimmi a heart attack. Turned out to be 2 monitor lizards wading down the stream into the river. A nice sight to behold :)

After the stream, I noticed the large fallen log had been dismantled (refer to my earlier post) and its pieces remain on the trail. A cricket laid quietly there for me to pick a picture :)

The piece of log is not wasted. Quite a few species of fungi was growing on it.

Finally, the trail ended and I reached the railway track again. This time, I decided to go deeper right beside the forest edge.
Malaysian railway

An impressive fig tree with its cauliflowery fruits. Could only manage this pict before a couple of red ants bit me... Grr wun wear slippers next time.

This place is also a good spot for jogging! Look at this lady walking her dog.

Finally, I reached a road where I followed it out to the main road. Lucky the bus stop there going Clementi MRT. This was not the end of the trail, still have a long way down...but I think I will reserve it for another day. Nice to see some greenery for a change too :)

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