Friday, March 30, 2007

Nesting Bloom!

An amazing day for me, as its not everytime I can get to see 3 bird's nest in a row! Including the sunbird's nest I saw last time, I had saw 4 nests in NUS in a week!

An oriental white eye. A very chubby but tiny bird of maybe about 10cm. It was named due to its white ring surrounding the eye. Infact, its genus name of Zosterops means "girdle eye" in greek. It was nesting on a sea almond tree.

The common, but charismatic yellow vented bulbul. Nesting on a fern.

The stunningly beautiful pink-necked green pigeon, on a Simpoh-Air. Males are colorful with their characteristic pink neck while the females are uniformly green. (Update) Saw the female bird today, seems like they both taking turns to incubate?


Unknown said...

this is too beautiful!!

TS said...

I couldnt agree more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Siyang,

The mother and father of the pink-necked green pigeon take turns to take care of their eggs (and young too i think).

If my memory serves me correct, mom takes the morning shift while dad takes the night shift.

Great photo 2. It looks as if you climbed up the tree to take the photo. :P


TS said...

haa, thanx for the info

Anonymous said...

Dad takes the morning shift while mom takes the evening/night shift.

TS said...

Heard the nest had failed =_=

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